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Our Programs

Step One:

Choose your course(s) from the list below:

CGW4U - Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis

CHI4U - Canada: History, Identity and Culture

CHY4U - World History: The West and the World

ENG4U – English

ETS4U - Studies in Literature

EWC4U - The Writer’s Craft

HHS4U - Families in Canada

HSB4U - Challenge and Change in Society

HZT4U - Philosophy: Questions and Theories

MCV4U - Calculus and Vectors

MDM4U - Mathematics of Data Management

MHF4U - Advanced Functions

PSE4U - Exercise Science

SBI4U – Biology

SCH4U – Chemistry

SES4U – Earth and Space Science

SPH4U - Physics

Step Two:

Fill out the Application Form I at MSA front desk, and meet our MSA education officerat Room A (guidance@msaschool.com)

Step Three:

Pay your tuition and GO!