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March Camp


March CAMP 2023  


March camp is a time for bonding and making new friends. Join us this year at MSA to create memories and friendships. We have many indoor activities planned for 1 week of fun! Registration is open for all students from ages 8-18. 

Activities of 8-12

·     Reading

·     Writing

·     Math

·     Science

·     Resin Art

Cost$399 for 1 week 


Activates of 13-16

·     G9-12 English Midterm Preparation & Review

·     G9-12 Math Midterm Preparation & Review

·     G9-12 Science Midterm Preparation & Review

·     Shakespeare Novel & Essay Writing

·     IELTS Academic Preparation

Cost$499 for 1 week Ad







Batch 1

March 13RD – March 17TH

9am – 1pm

Schedule 2

March 13RD – March 17TH

12pm – 4pm

March Camp Registration 

Complete the MSA Registration Form, feel free to call or email our admission team to assist you in filling the application. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s signature on the application form along with their own. Once the application form is filled out and signed by the student and parent or guardian, if the student is under the age of 18, the form must be submitted to the school in person at the campus, by mail, email, or fax.  

Fees can be paid in several different ways; Payments can be made in person at the campus by cash, debit, credit card, or cheque payable to Mississauga Secondary Academy. We also accept PayPal, wire transfers, wechat and mailed in cheques.


Contact us

Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Phone: 905-232-0672

Fax: 905-232-0672

Email: admisson@msaedu.ca

Address: 33 City Centre Drive, Suite 240, Mississauga, ON, LB5 2N5 (We are located across the street from Square One Mall)

Who We Are

March Camp of Mississauga Secondary Academy (MSA) is in the heart of Mississauga – Square One. Camp teachers of MSA are fully qualified and experienced to ensure our students succeed with a uniquely enhanced curriculum and care. March/Spring Camp Teacher emphasizes development of each student to their full potential in terms of intellectual, ethical, physical, and social qualities. Camp students are assisted with balancing academic, extracurricular and social pursuits within an enriched, nurturing and secure environment.

March Camp Class of Mississauga Secondary Academy provides students with the key skills needed in order to improve or upgrade their high school course marks outside of day school or gain a better understanding of your current course material. In the meantime, our camp Fast Track Language Proficiency program has helped hundreds of students achieve their targets in TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and other standardized English Language tests. We also provide tutoring sessions of skills and interests to enrich Day School students' extra curriculum activities. Camp students at MSA achieve academic success under the guidance of our expert instructors with years of the educational experience. We provide you with a supportive environment and an effective, detailed, and a customized action plan to target the areas where you seek improvement. Now with fully online-class available, you can receive credits while safely studying from home.


March Camp Class Online/In Person Classes

March Camp Class online classes are open to public cause by the Covid-19. Once the class registration is completed, student will receive online class’s log in information, after student log in, the class will show up under student’s channel.


March Camp Class Video playback

March Camp Class Video will be recorded as student require, and it is helping students to catch up the class content should they have to miss certain classes. The video recording will be kept for 2 weeks.


Canadian Education System

Day School of MSA is Canada's education system, and it is considered one of the best in the world. Ontario attracts the majority of overseas students from all over the world because of its world class universities, safe and beautiful environment, and it’s very fair student evaluation system! Well-designed programs help every student with different interests to succeed - compared to the uniformed style in other countries such as China.


Admission Process

-          March Camp Admission Officers will help you to fill the application form;

-          Students their E-mail and necessary information;

-          Admission Officers will help you to submit;

-          MSA finance office will provide you with the quote based on the number of courses;

-          Make the payment, and our finance officer will send you the receipt.

March Camp Office Phone number:


March Camp Admission Office E-mail:




33 City Centre Drive, Suite 240, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5B 2N5


Why Chose Us?

March Break Camp is for students who wants to prepare for the assignment, Mid-term Exam, Final Project of English, Science, Math, etc. March Break Camp of MSA is a Ministry of Education of Ontario approved private high school, we are authorized to issue OSSD to our full-time/ part-time students. Following the Ministry of Education of Ontario's guidance, we offer various courses from grade 9 to grade 12. Here at MSA, we believe every student have different strength and weakness; we offer a flexible course.

March Camp teacher of MSA treat education seriously. We care for the students, and we hold education standards very high. In MSA, you will receive mentorship from great teachers, most of our teachers have received Master's degrees or even higher education backgrounds, and most of our teachers have obtained the OCT Certification. We also offer flexible course setups; feel free to contact us, and we will tailor a schedule that fits your time!


March Camp Teacher Introduction:

Amal Elghitany

Hello everyone, I am Mrs. Amal Elghitany, a science teacher at MSA. I got my PhD in Biotechnology from Egypt. I used to teach biology and chemistry to university and high school students in Egypt, Kuwait and Canada. I am passionate to help my students achieving their goals. I also believe that understanding biology and chemistry lead to understand life. See you at MSA soon.

Rosemary Guda

Hello folks!!! My name is Rosemary Guda and I teach Social Studies at MSA. I have a master’s degree in English Language and Literature and I am a TESL Ontario certified ESL teacher. My teaching career with over 15 years of experience has taught me that there is no better way to shaping up the world than educating the young minds. Come and explore the world around you!

Amy Mathew

Hello everyone, I am Amy, marketing and admissions officer at MSA. I am a detail oriented and creative advertising and marketing professional with 10+ years cross industry experience. I have an academic background in Fine Arts and Communication Management and I am passionate about understanding people and behavior. As your admissions and marketing officer, I am available for helping you find you ideal courses for University/College.

Student Reviews from previous:

Yasmeen Ibrahim

“I can honestly say from experience MSA was the best schooling experience I have ever received thus far. From all my 12 years in the educational system, the 2 years I spent in MSA topped all the other years I spent in other educational institutes. MSA truly cares about its students, I mean truly. It’s a small class size with around 4 students each class. I think this small class size is a big advantage because it gives you more accountability. You are able to ask questions if you are stuck with anything and ask for the help that you need. The teachers there treat you like family and the school’s environment is positive. You get to know each student personally and because all the students are focused on one goal, which is working hard it motivates you to work hard too.

Not only that but, its education level and curriculum push you and expands your knowledge. Before coming to this school, I found math difficult but after realizing that I just needed more one-on-one attention and needed the right environment to learn in, I can’t believe I am saying this but it made me fall in love with math, especially physics. You will not regret attending this school, it will push you hard and it will help you believe in yourself and give you the grades that you have been wanting, with hard work of course. But with their top education system and their care for students you will get there. I highly recommend attending this school as I did for 2 years and never regretted it.

-- Yasmeen Ibrahim

“Mississauga Secondary Academy is a school that puts its students first. I am a student here and the teachers have been excellent in conveying the material. I have taken grade 12 physics with Arthur and I have gained

in-depth knowledge of the principles which has given me confidence in my ability. I also am currently taking grade 12 chemistry and Canadian and world issues and the teachers have really been thorough in their explanations of the lessons. Finally, I am completing my ENG4U with Mr. Mario who is an excellent teacher who can explain the novels very well. He has really motivated me to work hard so that I can improve my writing and speaking skills. In short, the best decision of my life was to attend Mississauga Secondary Academy for the classes are small and it has really prepared me for university.”

-- Elbaraa Adam

“My son completed 12th grade with MSA and was successful in gaining admission to the university and program of his choice.

MSA is a professionally run school.

I found that they strike a balance between supporting the students and helping them succeed, while ensuring they maintain high academic standards.

This is important, you don't want your child to just get marks and make it into university, you want him/her to also have the foundations and knowledge they need to succeed once they've started their university studies.

MSA works on both fronts with equal dedication and focus.

On a personal level, I found the staff and especially Mario (Vice Principal) to be caring and honest people.

We had a great experience with the school and wholeheartedly recommend them.”

-- MMH