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Student Services

One of the things that sets Mississauga Secondary Academy apart from all the other public and private high schools is our commitment to the best student service. We treat each student with care, patience and respect as we believe each student is unique and talented. At Mississauga Secondary Academy, we are proud of our track record for Excellence in Student Service, and most of all, we are dedicated to continuously providing our students with the best service and an excellent learning experience.

Our service begins right away starting from your search for a right school program to the day you get into your dreamed university, college, or dreamed job, and will continue as a long term friend. Our promise is to make sure you have wonderful experience with memories through our quality service during this critical transition in your life.

Personal and Safety Related Service

  • Airport Pick Up and Arrival Confirmation
  • Regular Seminars/Presentation on student safety on and off campus (The school works closely with the local police station and building security guard to train students on self protection and safety tips).
  • Periodic Communication with Student Parents/Guardians about student's personal development and academic performance
  • Accommodation Assistance (Home-Stay Service and School Residence)
  • Moving Support
  • Medical Insurance Purchase
  • Bank Account Set Up
  • Phone and Internet Registration
  • SIN Application
  • Study Permit and Re-entry Visa Renewal
  • Public Library Card Application
  • Public Transportation Introduction and Transit Ticket Purchase
  • Basic Canadian Legal System Introduction
  • Private and Individualized Psychological Consulting
  • Financial Aids

Academic Assistance Service

  • Personalized Study Plan Development
  • Course Selection and Guidance
  • Career Planning in relation to Course or Study Field Selection
  • University/College Application
  • Scholarship Application
  • Customized Individual Courses and Tutoring

School Activities

Be Prepared to Enjoy! The school has organized and will continuously organize a variety of activities for you! The following are the examples of the school activities categories. For detailed activities information, please refer to MSA Student Activity Calendar.

  • Trips to see the beauty of Canada and other countries such as the U.S. and/or Cuba;
  • Tours in the big city as well as the remote country farms to understand the local markets, customs and multiculturalism;
  • Group meetings and visits to other schools & universities to orientate you;
  • Sport games to relax you and show your other talents;
  • BBQs at weekend to taste all sorts of food and to make friends;
  • Hiking;
  • Camping …